A spa day during your daily drop-off

A spa day during your daily drop-off

Japanese Toilets | The Ultimate Luxury If You Have Money

There’s a new throne in town, and it’s taking the bathroom experience to levels so high, you might just get a nosebleed. Meet the Japanese toilet, the porcelain sensei of potty time, equipped with more buttons than Kenny has deaths and more features than Cartman has excuses. It warms, it washes, it plays tunes – it’s like having a spa day during your daily drop-off. It’s the kind of john where you half expect a sushi roll to pop out after you flush. The kids are in awe, Mr. Garrison’s skeptical, and Randy? Well, he’s planning a toilet-centric musical. Fasten your toilet seatbelts, folks; South Park’s latest import is an adventure in every flush, proving that even when nature calls, technology answers with a polite bow.

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