Let’s get started on planning your fire sprinkler system

Let’s get started on planning your fire sprinkler system

Residential Fire Sprinkler Systems

Enhance your new high-end home’s safety with a Monarch fire sprinkler system, an essential component in safeguarding your family, property, and priceless possessions like photos, videos, and heirlooms from fire. Our state-of-the-art 13D Pex Flow through system is designed to contain while mitigating the threat posed by toxic smoke and fumes which can incapacitate people before they can evacuate.

Incorporating this system into your home’s fresh water plumbing is straightforward, ensuring active circulation and preventing water stagnation. Sprinkler heads, discreetly placed above ceilings, integrate seamlessly into your home’s design, thanks to a variety of styles like recessed or concealed options.

Uponor, our trusted tubing manufacturer, not only offers a robust 25-year warranty but also provides comprehensive training and support to contractors, guaranteeing the reliability of your sprinkler system.

Our systems are meticulously designed to avoid false activations, with a heat-triggered mechanism to prevent accidental water discharge—making such an event incredibly rare, with a one in sixteen million chance.

Endorsed by the National Fire Prevention Association, our sprinklers are engineered for discretion and efficiency, using a minimal 10 to 15 gallons of water per minute to manage fires—significantly less than the 250 gallons per minute used by fire hoses.

Investing in a Monarch sprinkler system is a smart choice for both homeowners and builders looking for cost-effective, reliable fire protection that also adds value to high-end homes, appealing to future buyers concerned with safety and quality.

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